Get To Know the Owner

Cocoa and Creative is the brain child of Aqueelah Maxwell. Aqueelah is a wife, mom of 3, and an educator of 13 years to elementary students. Five of those years have been spent teaching gifted kids. As a creative herself, Aqueelah has always enjoyed integrating opportunities for her students to utilize their creative thinking. But it is during teaching gifted students that she really dived into building and enhancing the creative thinking of her students.

While teaching gifted students and having talent development with high potential gifted students, Aqueelah developed a deeper and more intentional strategy in helping her students improve their creative and critical thinking skills. Aqueelah exposed her students to various activities and strategies with math, problem solving, STEM, and crafts. But it was through preparing potential gifted students for the gifted test and doing creativity building task that Aqueelah realized how so many student disassociated with being creative and had a limited perspective on what it meant to be creative.

Cocoa and Creative was created to empower kids to be creative and show students that creativity is in everything from sports, music, entertainment, science, speaking as well as art. Cocoa and Creative is for the Black and Brown child who is creative and bold. We want to empower kids to be expressive and confident with their creativity.